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Welcome to Our Business Elite Community
-Connecting Global Elites with Authentic Japan-

W-Hub Tokyo, where world’s elites seamlessly connect with Japan’s authentic culture and virtues.


It's a curated community for the world's top elites seeking knowledge, connections, exclusive opportunities and heartfelt fun.

​``People need community. The existence of a community with a constructive purpose prevents society from going down a destructive path” Peter F. Drucker

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Welcome to Our Exclusive Community

W-Hub Tokyo is the base for the pursuing elite, offering a unique blend of business and private life. Immerse yourself in the deep values of Japan from an global perspective—experience the unique value that W-Hub Tokyo provides.

A place for people looking for valuable networking.

Deepen your management skills, learn new things, and have fun from the heart.

A base for the pursuing elite.

Feel and experience the deep values of Japan from an international perspective.

That is the value that W-HUB Tokyo provides.

*Definition of "Third Place": A third place refers to a space between work and home that provides a relaxing and sociable environment. W-Hub Tokyo realizes this concept as a distinctive elite community, harmonizing business and personal life."

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Our journey began in 2009 with the China-Japan Asia CEO Forum (CJCF), fostering values-based leadership, encourages open-minded dialogue among business and thought leaders to share wisdom to overcome global challenges together.

Founded in 2009, CJCF is a non-for-profit (NPO) platform among business elites to build trust through round table discussions. The program is by invitation only and all the participants are CEO and Chairmen of leading companies in China and Japan.

Starting from 2011, CJCF extends its invitations to CEOs and Chairmen from leading companies in Asia and the World.

The forum provides an all-participatory platform for top executives to collaboratively address common management challenges. Our goal is to facilitate 'wisdom sharing and win-win' scenarios, enhancing the strength and influence of Asian companies and becoming globally admired. Ultimately, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of the world economy.

A unique aspect of our forum is the exclusive participation of top executives from major companies, ensuring a dynamic exchange of insights and experiences.

Elevate Your Circle. Expand Your Impact. Join W-Hub Tokyo.

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Unique Networking Event

W-Hub Tokyo brings together a curated group of top elites from around the world in a community dedicated to the honest exchange of knowledge. Our unique networking events provide a platform for members to interact, establish connections within the community, and open doors to new business opportunities, enriching both professional and personal lives.


Elite Seminars by Top Experts

W-Hub takes pride in offering exclusive seminars tailored for our members. Experience educational, business, and leadership workshops presented by top experts, designed to empower the world's elite.

Examples: Premium tea ceremony experience, management training leadership seminar

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*In no particular order. These are some of the companies and/or partners that have participated in CJCF.

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*The provided voices only represent a small portion of individuals participating in CJCF

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What is W-Hub Tokyo?
A place to take your life to the next stage

Embark on a journey to elevate your life to the next stage at W-Hub Tokyo. In today's dynamic world, we encounter a myriad of challenges, from ideological clashes to rapid advancements in AI, global conflicts, and unprecedented risks. In the face of these difficulties, we are opening the door to a new era. Over the last decade, the significance of the Asian market has surged, driven by China's rapid growth. Furthermore, the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted a reevaluation of Japan's value on the global stage, especially with the impact of a weakened yen.


W-Hub Tokyo seamlessly integrates Japanese tradition with a global perspective, establishing a space for top executives to exchange knowledge, create new business possibilities, foster personal and professional growth, and relish life together. My aim is to cultivate an environment where Asia leads the world, and top executives undergo individual and corporate development, accelerating innovation through interaction. This aspiration is imbued with my experiences and reflections, and we are confident in delivering substantial value to you. 

To enhance the richness and inspiration of this community, we warmly welcome the participation of numerous partner companies. Let's collaboratively forge a new chapter for this transformative era!

 Christine Takahashi
Executive Director W-Hub Tokyo


​ Executive Director Profile

Ms. Takahashi, a renowned global CEO business advisor, boasts many years of expertise steering the global strategies of numerous publicly-listed companies. Recognized for her investments in sustainable ventures, she provides strategic counsel to Fortune 500 entities and emerging multinationals across Japan, China, and other parts of Asia.

Currently serving as the President of Worldwide City Group (WCG) and CEO of CRISCO, Ms. Takahashi empowers C-level executives to excel in international markets, focusing on Japan, China, and Asia at large. Fluent in Japanese, English, and Chinese, she is an alumna of the Harvard Business School.

Her exceptional business acumen spans various sectors, earning her the deep respect of C-level clientele in FMCG, luxury goods, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, and technology.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ms. Takahashi is committed to promoting Japanese culture globally and supporting the development of women business leaders worldwide. As an official Tea-Master, she practices tea ceremonies embodying the Zen spirit, fostering harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility in both business and daily life.

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Welcome for your engagement !

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We will inform you of the latest situation at the center.

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22-11, Ginza 1-Chome, Tokyo

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