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Private & business
specialized services

W-Hub Tokyo focuses on both private and business

We offer unique services that provide special value to our members.


Private consulting・concierge

Our private expert consulting addresses the unique challenges of your business. We collaborate with you to develop customized strategies aligned with your goals, supporting you in achieving success. Cherish your private time with our support for a special and comfortable private life.

Program example

Premium tea ceremony experience, wine seminar, executive coaching, Japanese life support education, Japanese culture program, etc.

Asian economic specialized

project support

Leveraging W-Hub's unique network and expertise in the Asian markets, we provide comprehensive project support to help your company thrive in the Asian markets. From strategic advice to M&A support and building business partnerships, we cover all aspects of your business needs.

Exclusive Life Support

Discover rare premium Japanese products and works of art, unavailable on the market, including art and traditional crafts. W-Hub aims to enhance your exclusive private life with unique offerings.

Program Example:

Art, bonsai, rare items, auctions

Program example

Art, bonsai, rare items, auctions

Company Registry | Japan Entry Program

Our comprehensive program supports corporate members in expanding into Asia. From company establishment assistance to legal support, we provide step-by-step guidance for a smooth expansion into Japan, ensuring your success in the region.

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